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Alena Heribanova, God-mother of „The Arab World - Another Planet?“:

„We have only one planet which is quite unique for us in the solar system. Unique in that there are so many different worlds – their misunderstanding of each other results in tension (in people), suspicion and fear. And all of this we can overcome just by knowing our heterogeneousness in which we can survive only with mutual love and tolerance. To this point brought it brings us also a book by Emire Khidayer „Arab World - Other Planet?“
I like the Arab World, I like the smell of spices in my coffee and the golden horizons of the endless Sahara. I love sunrises and sunsets over pyramids and the lapping of waves in the Red Sea. After reading this book I know better more about the people who give their souls the Arab world. Because a kebab stand on any corner of a street will not tell say much about the heart of the vendor. The book by Emire told so much that many long for knowledge of the culture, history and the today present remains of old civilisations only some hours distant by flight. This book is a must have guide to anyone travelling there. It is definitely worth it!“