Emire Khidayer

  • Slovenčina (Slovenská republika)
  • English (United Kingdom)


The Arab World – Another Planet? (Slovak original)

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Pages: 264
Dimensions: 130 x 200mm
ISBN: 978-80-8114-026-6
Published: 2009, 2nd enlarged edition in Nov 2012
Language: Slovak
Cover: © Mikina Dimunova

The Arab World – Another Planet?

How do we perceive the Arab World? How do the Arabs think, feel and live? Is every Arab a Muslim? And is every Muslim an Arab? How do the relations between men and women function? How do the Arabs mark days in their calendar? And actually which calendar? Has the essence of the Arab society changed after the Arab Spring? How does the communication with an Arab look like?  

In my book ‘The Arab World – Another Planet?’ I give a realistic insight into the Arab societies today. I have chosen topics that are of great interest to foreigners. I even delve into taboo topics that are generally hidden from the eyes of Westerners but play a significant role for the Arabs. I speak on the Arab sexuality, gender relations, circumcision, superstitions and social casts. Another chapters touch upon the uncovering of the boundaries between life and death, including rituals, drugs, and alcohol. I present these topics also from the view of a woman who has lived and worked for many years in Arab countries and interacted mostly with men.

The book provides information on how to grasp the mentality and behaviour by different Arab societies. It is based on facts, acquired knowledge and my personal experience through stories which would help the reader understand various nuances of this culture.

‘The Arab World – Another Planet?’ has won me two awards: the 3rd place in the ‘Debut of the Year 2009’ awarded by the leading Slovak literary journal ‘Book Review’, and ‘Award for Slovak Literature’ for the Year 2009 awarded by the Slovak Literary Fund.