Emire Khidayer

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Tales from Sumhuram

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Epub produced by: iAdverti, 2012
Translation: John Minahane, 2012
Illustrations & Cover: © Dávid Ursiny, 2010
ISBN: 978-80-971222-0-1

Every summer the Queen of Sheba used to visit the magically beautiful town of Sumhuram, in the territory of present-day Oman. For ages past it had been inhabited by genies, who were kind to human beings. In their stories, full of the aroma of frankincense and swarming with colour, music and dance, good contends with evil. Magic spells have enormous power, and the knowledge of how to employ them is by means exceptional. 

From there let us move to the shore of the Indian Ocean, where the legendary Sindbad used to sail. Leaving a lost city, let us wander out into the inhospitable desert and immerse ourselves in the tales that the Queen who enchanted King Solomon used to listen to at night.

These tales are wise, and they teach us to sense the difference between good and evil and reflect upon our lives. The endings come in harmony with universal good.

I wrote these tales inspired by the legends, motifs and physical surroundings of Oman. The tales have been splendidly illustrated by Dávid Ursiny www.davidursiny.sk